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´╗┐Surgery allows women to give birth after cancer

"The average age of cervical cancer patients is in "´╗┐Anadrol 50" the early 40s, so many women are younger than that and may not have started their families Deca Durabolin And Test Cypionate Cycle yet," says Jeffrey Fowler, MD, a gynecologic oncologist with The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC James). "In recent years, we've often found ourselves treating the "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" cervical cancer while also working to preserve a "Anaboliset Aineet" patient's ability to conceive."

In the past, women diagnosed with cervical "Anaboliset Aineet" cancer had two primary treatment options: a radical hysterectomy removing the uterus, cervix and part of the vagina or radiation therapy to the pelvis. Both treatment options eliminated a woman's ability to become pregnant.

The OSUCCC James gynecologic oncology team offers a minimally invasive procedure known as a radical trachelectomy to preserve a woman's ability to conceive post treatment. Unlike traditional hysterectomies, the procedure only requires a fraction of the woman's reproductive tract tissue be removed, preserving her ability to get pregnant after surgery.

Fowler estimates that about 70 percent of the women who have had this procedure nationwide and then attempted to become Anavar On A Bulk pregnant have been successful. The procedure is only appropriate for certain women with early stage, localized disease.

"Fertility just wasn't a consideration in the past. Introduction of the radical tracheloectomy Deca Durabolin Subcutaneous technique has changed that concept," adds Fowler. "For women who qualify for the procedure, it can be the best of both worlds, and that's what we "buy cheap jintropin online" aiming for: cancer eradication and enhanced quality of life."

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